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Frequently Asked Questions     Duarcool Fact Sheet

Duracool® Mobile A/C Tune Up and Sealant Kit
Part#: DC0017
Restores cooling and stops leaks

Research has shown that many vehicles, some which are less than two years old have lost sufficient refrigerant due to pinhole leaks to render the air-conditioning system inoperative.
In many cases the loss of only a few ounces of refrigerant will result in the inability of the Air-Conditioning system to cool the vehicle satisfactorily. These leaks are often caused by the refrigerants or lubricants becoming corrosive after they have absorbed or combined with moisture that has entered the system. This Kit contains one can of Duracool Duradry, one can of Duracool SystemSeal, one can of Duracool A/C Oil Chill, a charging hose, low side pressure gauge, adapter fittings for older vehicles, and easy to follow step by step instructions. This contents of this kit are compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants used in mobile air-conditioning.

$ 83.95 U$D

Duracool® Mobile A/C Universal Recharge Kit
Part#: DC0026
Two 6 ounce canisters recharge the majority of vehicles

This Kit contains two 6 ounce can of Duracool Refrigerant, a low side charging hose, and two adapter fittings adapter fittings for older vehicles. The easy to follow step by step instructions will have your vehicles air conditioning blowing cold in no time. We guarantee in writing that the use of Duracool Refrigerant will not harm any component in your mobile air conditioning system. Duracool 12a
® will stop or reduce minor system leaks. This contents of this kit are compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants used in mobile air-conditioning.

$ 29.95 U$D

Duracool 12a® Mobile A/C Refrigerant - Single 6 oz. Can
Part#: DCF006

This is the original most trusted name in hydrocarbon refrigerants available in the world today. Our state of the art blending facility guarantees performance and satisfaction. Our slogan "Our Formula Never Changes" means just that. Rigorous quality control ensures you that the product will always perform and give you optimum cooling from your mobile air conditioning system. Duracool is the Premium Hydrocarbon Refrigerant - Beware of imitations. Our Formula Never Changes!
You may change the quantity purchased of six ounce cans on checkout.

$ 8.99 U$D / 6 ounce can

Duracool 12a® Mobile A/C Refrigerant - Case of 12 - 6 oz. Cans
Part#: DCF006

This purchase option will allow you to purchase a case of 12 - 6 ounce cans of Genuine Duracool Refrigerant. This is the economical choice for the family who owns and operates multiple vehicles. As a rule only two cans of refrigerant are required to charge the average vehicle.

"Our Formula Never Changes"

$ 89.88 U$D case of - 12

Duracool 12a® Mobile A/C Refrigerant - 30 lb. Equivalent Cylinder
Part#: DCF30

This 30 lb. Equiv. Cylinder of Duracool Premium Hydrocarbon Refrigerant has been developed with the service technician in mind. The rugged manchester tank is considered the best in the industry with a ten year rating. When empty the tank can also be used as a recovery cylinder. Our unique friction fighting additive rejuvenates seals and "0" rings and prevents system leaks. Duracool Refrigerants help to improve system performance and extend the service life of air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems and components. Duracool Refrigerants reduce energy requirements and assist in preventing system leaks.
              $28.00 Hazmat fee
              $25.00 Shipping & Handling
TOTAL: $202.95

$ 202.95 U$D

Duracool® DuraDry™ 4 oz. Can
Part#: DC0009

Moisture in an Air-Conditioning System will cause damage to the system. Moisture will combine with lubricants such as PAG oil, Ester oil and Refrigerants like R-134a to form acids and other corrosive compounds that will harm the system. Duracool® DuraDry™ contains a moisture removing additive that removes all of the moisture from the system leaving only the lubricant and refrigerant in the system. We recommend the use of Duracool® DuraDry™ before the use of Duracool® SystemSeal™ or Duracool® SealQuick™ to ensure all moisture has been removed from the air-conditioning system.

$ 18.99 U$D

Duracool® SystemSeal™ 4 oz. Can
Part#: DC0013

Designed to repair minor leaks in the evaporator, condenser, gaskets, "0" rings, connecting fittings and metal lines. Duracool® SystemSeal™ was designed to eliminate costly repairs in the form of replacement parts and expensive service labor. Duracool® DuraDry™ may be used safely in all mobile air-conditioning systems. Compatible with (Duracool 12a®, Duracool 22a®, Duracool 502a®, R-12 Freon, R-134a, R-22, and R-502.)

$ 19.99 U$D

Duracool® SealQuick™ 4 oz. Can
Part#: DC0011

Every year it was normal practice to replace the lost refrigerant that leaks out over the winter months. This procedure is very costly and prohibited in many parts of the world today. Leaking systems add to the problem of global warming and ozone depletion. Many leaks in the automotive air-conditioning system occur at "0" rings and gasket areas. As they age, these materials begin to dry out and shrink.
Duracool® SealQuick™ is the economical solution to this problem.

$ 14.95 U$D

Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ 4 oz. Can
Part#: DC0015

Contains OEM approved U/V Leak Detection Dye. If your air conditioning system has been leaking refrigerant, it is very likely that you have also lost a portion of the compressor lubricant. This oil needs to be replaced. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill is the only Mobile Air-Conditioning Lubricant you need ! Many A/C Lubricants will absorb up to 40% of their weight in moisture, moisture in the system is one of the leading cause of A/C Failures.

$ 12.99 U$D

Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ 8 oz. Bottle
Part#: DC0021

The 8 ounce bottle of Duracool® A/C Oil Chill is the perfect companion for compressor or component replacement. Duracool A/C Oil Chill will reduce compressor noise, reduce compressor operating temperatures and improve heat transfer in the evaporator and condenser resulting in a decreased vent temperature. The result is colder air blowing from the vents and less load on the system. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ will not absorb moisture and has a low miscibility, low miscibility means that more oil stays in the compressor where it's needed.

$ 11.99 U$D

Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ 34 oz. Bottle
Part#: DC0023

Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ has superior high temperature performance and a high degree of oxidation resistance. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ is the only oil you need for all mobile Air-Conditioning systems. For "Top-Up" or "Fill-Ups" Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ is the only logical choice. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ is available in 4 oz. charging cans, 8 oz. and 1 liter bottles and is the perfect companion for existing systems or compressor replacements. The OEM approved U/V leak detection dye will aid in pinpointing even the smallest system leak. Recent testing has shown that a combination of Duracool 502a refrigerant and Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ has resulted in over a 45 degree F reduction of compressor body operating temperatures in commercial reefer applications. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ may be used safely in most air-conditioning systems.

$ 45.99 U$D

Duracool® Economy Recharge Hose
Part#: DC3000

Includes R-134a quick connect
Complete with easy to follow instructions
This charging hose features durable construction
Can tapper fits Duracool® 6 ounce refrigerant cans and Duracool A/C Solution Cans

$ 13.25 U$D

Duracool® Deluxe Recharge Kit

Complete hose kit assembly and recharge kit, with all components you require for either older or late model vehicles. This is the perfect kit for all makes and models. The kit includes an Acme threaded can tap, R12 high pressure hose, R134a adapter and Quick connect / disconnect valve, low side (R134a). The kit features solid brass construction, and is the first choice for many automotive repair professionals.
The is the most sought after kit available in the world today, and is suitable for multiple re-charges and installations, It's durable all brass construction make this kit a winner

$ 39.99 U$D

Duracool® Low Side Pressure Gauge

This economical and sturdy low side pressure gauge provides accurate ow side pressure readings on all mobile air conditioning systems. This gauge works in conjunction with either the Duracool Economy Recharge Hose or the Duracool Deluxe Recharge kit. The Duracool Low Side Pressure Gauge is guaranteed to take the guess work out of balancing a system charge and allows you to achieve optimum system performance. This gauge will be a welcome addition to any tool kit.

$ 6.99 U$D

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